Chanman is Drivin’ Part I

Chandler bounces into the kitchen after a “drive” with Kent. “humph” is all I hear from him as he slouches into the kitchen chair.

“Mom, if someone tells you to turn right at the NEXT stop light, which one do you turn at?”

I thought for a minute, wondering if it was a trick question.

“Well, I would turn at the light I come to first.”

“But that is the FIRST light. In order to turn at the NEXT light, you have to have a FIRST light,” he retorted (rather smugly).

“So, you didn’t turn at the NEXT light–you turned at the SECOND light?”


I wish I had laughed to myself, but that isn’t what happened. Then, I proceed to support my point-of-view by calling several friends for back-up. They were supportive enough to oblige.

Discouraged, Chandler went to his room to shower and get ready for bed.

As he headed to bed, he yelled down the stairs, “Mom, I am going to bed. Love you!”

“Love you more,” was my reply

“Just wanted you to know that FIRST, I am going to brush my teeth and NEXT, I am going to bed.

Touche my boy—touche!