Eternity Begins Here

I used to think of eternity in terms of some spiritual resting place, some euphoric existence after my life had ended. I have come to believe that eternity begins here. How I live my life, who I choose to share it with, and activities I involve myself in profoundly affects this eternity. The people I experience life with today are the very definition of my eternity. They are the congregation of the ages.

So, what does this mean for me daily? Does it cause me to look at life with a greater sense of community? You bet it does.

Creating a living legacy becomes paramount. It forces me to become less concerned about how I will be remembered and more about the impact I am making right now.

What is our responsibility to a living legacy? Do others see purpose reflected in our lives? When folks are with us do they want to know, just by being with us, what makes us whole?

Eternity begins here—This I know for sure.